Wednesday, November 25, 2015

How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans With Style

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So, how's your day now? For me, dah end of year ni, a lot of work has to be done! XD .. So busy sket, tak dapat nak update blog selalu T_T. Well, anyway, end of year ni ada jugak yang best.. Contohnya.. Year End Sale! YES! Banyak sale merata-rata di mall & online shop.. So.. lets shopping! Hehehe.. I want to buy jeans,favourite jeans dah koyak.. Serious sedih :(

Sekarang ni dah nampak satu trend yang tengah in,which is Boyfriend Jeans! Yup.. memang tengah hot.. but don't steal your boyfriend/husband jeans taw.. Hehehe.. Basically boyfriend jeans ni has fairly relaxed fit, usually straight legs that may or may not be cuffed at the bottom, and they should look a bit big on the wearer. It is supposed to look and feel like the jeans a woman might borrow (or steal) from her boyfriend. Haa.. best kan? Jeans ni macam loose-loose bukan skinny, so for muslimah pun sesuai sangat.. heheheh. Skinny jeans dah boleh simpan kat belakang-belakang almari :D

Okay.. even nama dia boyfriend jeans.. tak perlu lah kita limitkan cara pemakaian kita.. No need to dress like boy pun :D

Be creative and pull off various fashion outfits with the boyfriend jeans according to your style. If you are clueless on how to pull together the perfect outfit wearing boyfriend jeans, take a look at these three boyfriend jeans look ideas for women:

1. Casual Trendy 

Boyfriend jeans definitely give you that laid back touch which makes it the perfect bottom to wear on your casual days. Match it with a t-shirt or tank top and walk out feeling confident as ever. Be comfortable in what you wear and rock the trendy boyfriend jeans everywhere you go.. Okay ini sesuai kalau nak window shopping kat shopping mall masa weekend.. hihi

Simple but nice.. :)

2. Elegant Fashionistas

Okayy.. yang ni memang smart! If only I can wear jeans at my office.. I'll rock this style.. Barulah fashionista.. Hahaha! For the ladies who want to transform the edgy boyfriend jeans to fit their feminine side, you can always match it with a nice blouse and outerwear. Whether you wear a jacket, blazer or sweaters, you will absolutely look stunning from head-to-toe. Spice up the outfit with a matching handbag and accessories for the best elegant fashionista appearance. This look is perfect for women who aims to appear mature and fashionable

Hmmm.. looks so elegant kan..?

3. Sophisticated Feminine 

If you prefer simplicity and still wants to maintain your sophisticated feminine charm, match the boyfriend jeans with a nice shirt. Go for printed shirts and feel that smart casual feel altogether. Top up the look with a pair of high heels and strut the streets looking amazing. You can tuck the shirt in or let it flow out, the boyfriend jeans definitely adds the perfect balance

Well.. semua artis pakai boyfriend jeans okayy..? Hahahaha

So.. What do you think of Boyfriend jeans? If you have a pair, how do you wear yours?

Ok, till then


  1. kalo bontot muat jeans boifren tak kembang takper., harhar2

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. sebab tu la ada boyfriend jeans version perempuan.. hahaha.. material dia lagi lembut

  2. bopipren jeans ni dia kena rugged koyak2 baru style, tp tulah, tak sesuai utk muslimah, hahaha :p

    1. kalau pakai legging hitam kat dalam aci tak? :D

  3. jeans yang koyak rabak tu cantiknya kalau razfira pakai.. haha

  4. Tak pernah lagi jumpa boyfriend jeans dekat sini lagi.

  5. Replies
    1. Aik knapa.. ayu kurus je kan.. sesuai je pakai apa2 rasanya :D

  6. Takpe la...macam takde size je...hahaha

  7. Salam, hahaha ini pun boleh ade tips ek? Bagus, nanti pas kahwin, boleh share jeans laki aku lah..hahaha

  8. ish, aku belum habis komen dah tertekan publish lak tadi...
    btw, mase skolah dulu banyak ade jeans cutting camni...sbb semuanya org bagi mmg gedabak je, tak style pun jadinye..wuwu

    1. kena mix and match kot.. hehe.. gedabak sgt londeh plak.. :D


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