Friday, October 7, 2011

Kanser Payudara - I Love Women

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I love them young and ripe, or old and lined
I love the softness of their breasts
Their firm rosy nipples

I love being with them at work,
At home, in bed, in the shower

I love being close enough to fell the flesh of lovers
Who don't know I'm there

I love to feel the breath of children
who don't know I'm doing to their mothers

I love their sweet ignorance
their naive consent as I push against their tender skin

I love plunging deep inside them
and slowly taking control of their pliable bodies

I love the terror on their faces
when they really find out who really I am

I love their tears and thrashing
when they try, too late to fight me

In the past year alone, I've taken more than a million women

Tomorrow I'll take the first of a million more

And as for you?

Well, we have a 1-in-20 chance of meeting

Perhaps we already have

- dipetik dari Cleo, Oktober 2011

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