Thursday, July 1, 2010


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A conversation in one evening at a playground in a park

Girl : I like pink

Boy : What?!?

Girl : Yeah... Don't you think its cute if all my gadgets in pink? Shows my feminine beauty side. And you know, I always forgot where I put them, then pink is a bright colour, so I'll find my gadgets easily..rite? 

Boy : No no no.. No way. U will look like childish with all that pink stuff. Anyway, if U have short term memory, then always put them beside U la..

Girl : Okay.. what about car? What about my outfit? Is it okay in pink? I think girls in pink are always stylish, confident and pretty!  I'll stand out among other girls in pink. Don't you think?

Boy : Hahaha.. please don't. Car in pink? People will know it is a girl's car, it tends to car robbery! Outfit in pink? Owh no.. U will look like a BIMBO! ( LOL )

Girl : Really..? But I love pink. Maybe my house one day will be in pink. Owhh so comfort.. After work I'll go home quickly just want to stay at home. Pink will bring tranquility and happiness. Home sweet home ( smile )

Boy : ( Sigh )  Owh well, I prefer sleep at lawn instead of pink bedroom....

Girl sulked for 2 minutes but boy don't realized it

Girl :  Hey maybe soccer ball fits well in pink

Boy : ( ROFL ) Hey girl, football shows masculinity, not gay! And do U want people blind to watch pink striking ball?!!

Moral of the entry : Men are from Mars, Woman are from Venus. Trying to bring peace on Earth

Best put by quoting Madonna, who quotes Ian McEwan:

Girls can wear jeans
And cut their hair short
Wear shirts and boots
'Cause it's OK to be a boy
But for a boy to look like
a girl is degrading
'Cause you think that being
a girl is degrading.


  1. wahh. this entry really stylish gurl!! :D i like it as im a girl.hehe ;p

  2. tu diaa. semangat pink dia dah mai dah...

  3. lo :

    kan? pink cantik kan


  4. budakbaik:

    ha'ah memang pon..sume orang pandang kete pink kan..hehe

  5. nice entry..lurve it

  6. hehe my laptop is pink too but not too striking like in d picture.hoho

  7. anon : heee..thanks!

    lo : oo..pnah nampak..yg kcik tu kan? hehe.. cantik r. Yg dlm pic tu pun x striking sgt sbenanye.. cume ade love2 tu nampak lg keperempuanan.haha

  8. pink & lelaki mmg x sesuai la babe. xmasuk.

  9. yeke Encik Amin?Kenape x masuk plak? Okay je la

  10. ntah.aku nak pakai baju pink mcm geli je

  11. pasai pa geli plak Amin.. warne pink seswai la dgn anda.hehe

  12. i really2 love this entry!!!!!!
    thumbs up! :D

  13. heee..tq2!! suke sbb pink kan? hehe

  14. is everything....

    I LOVE PINK......;)

  15. hehehe..rmi rupenye suke pink..girl power!


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