When the expectation is higher

PhP programming course ended so well. Almost everyone happy and at the same time relieved coz finish their live project and presentation. And everyone got their 'Attendance Certificate'! Congratz because able to withstand 3 weeks program! Hey, do u think it's easy to  stare computer screen with small font dizzy annoying coding from 9 to 5? Okay maybe just me so drama queen =p

After php program, we are facing next killer computer language, java. Actually not so killer, just my impression for java is already in critical zone..easy word is bad lah. Its all because our  experience of previous Java lecturer.. ok don't ask me to story bout it.

Now it has been going for one week. Let see what I got :

Fill in the forms. 

Playing with HTML color while waiting my instructor to find an error in the codes. What the.. fish?

Guess people will automatically click [X] tab if found a website with this color

Things get more worse when everything is being block!!

All social network

 Okay maybe administrator has strong reason to do that ( so students will focus to lecture ) but some websites related to education? 

Even photobucket.. make my blog so white, clean & clear..

We want freedom!!

Moral of the entry : One of my friends said, " Don't compare, because people will compare you" .

p/s : I know my english is not good. Feel free to correct me! peace!! XD


  1. hahahhahaha..ok..take note..take note...

  2. good2.
    lepas ni entry arab lak. ehehe

  3. ana cube ye. insyaAllah..hehe

  4. erk..nk kne comment dlm eng ke ni..for the best practice,i'll use bahasa melayu okeyh..hahaha
    bile nk hbes j2ee ni??ak da tension..huhu

  5. best practice gunelah bahasa ibunda ko tagalog ke hape ke..hahaha




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