CiteR HaNdPhOnE


Nowadays, handphone is an important gadget for everyone. They come in various types and brands, with many tools such as high-quality camera, non-stop music player, fun and interactive games and many more, beside of the basic facility which is to make call. However, is it handphone is really important to us or just become a hidden evil?


Easy to communicate with others
- can make call with people anytime and everywhere
- can use text messages to reduce cost
- can browse Internet from handphone, by using GPRS
- Bluetooth feature, send data file and cost nothing

Safety and Security
- parents can monitor their child by GPS feature , where we can see the
location of people at that exactly time
- in emergency cases, we can use handphone to make call
Example : we can call friends or AAM when our car breakdown in the middle of highway or to call fire department when our house in fire

To make life more organize
- handphones have features which can organize our schedule such as our
meeting, reunion etc and remind us by alarm

Multi-purpose uses
- handphones come in many uses such as we can take photo by using it,
listening to music, and playing games
- can save many files due to the capacity of data storage


Becomes an addicted tool
- people become to addict handphone and forget the surrounding especially teenagers
- instead of make necessary call, they use it just for fun such as playing games, texting messages and many more
- they rather busy playing with handphones than doing more important things i.e study, play sports, texting messages in lecture time

Wasting time, money and energy
- we need to pay high bill every m due month due to how frequently we use it
- some people wasting time texting messages whole day

People become more depend to their handphones
- many people cling to their handphones as they are very important
- people become anxious to go anywhere without their handphone, because afraid to make or miss a call
- our schedule become unorganized when we lost the handphone, as all files are save in the handphone

Texting language problem
- short form in texting messages become widely used until sometimes also being used in official works
- youth nowadays cannot differentiate which words are suitable in official or nonofficial works

We must use handphone rationally and wisely.

p/s : saje ngengade nak letak presentation art of 'thingking' aku hari 2..hahaha..


  1. ah..siap msukkan dlm blog ag..tau ar bestt...haha
    tp ak nk tegor conclusion laen skit mse present..bkn ke.."the conclusion is don't be so obsess wif ur hp"...hehe

  2. i2 pnambahan..xsempat nak type..hihi

  3. ~instead of make necessary call, they use it just for fun such as playing games, texting messages and many more..

    texting messaging~
    present pnya pasal ni

  4. wahaha..2 sebenarnye bcakap ttg diri sdrik..habes da bohsan sgt..bkn addicted yek..hehe

  5. good presentation i tot


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