Monday, January 18, 2010

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Last month, I bumped with my ex-classmate Li Sin Tian. She is a pretty girl and hardworking student. She also the best student in my batch, yet still down to earth and kind-hearted girl makes me always take advantage to copy her Mathematics homework before the class started.

We were so excited, so not to waste the time we chat in the middle of Pasar Lambak @ Pasar Malam. We also have to ‘jerit-jerit’ because it was so noisy there until someone asked us what we sell, so we went to nearest playground.

Then we had usual teenagers ( teenagers lagi kah?) chat. Its about campus life, money, bags, and of course love thingy! I’m so surprised my hard-to-get friend, Li Sin Tian has a boyfriend now! Because last time she said she wanted to in love when she already success in career. “ Owh never mind la.. people changed Ann..” . Fine =D. Im happy for you Tian.

After about an hour conversation, I decided to go back home since my mom had miscalled me so many times. We promised to keep in touch. Suddenly,

Hey Ann..wait! Skejap skejap

Ade ape? ”

I like to read your blog lah..hehe..ehh..the ghost story tu..macam reallah..hahaha.."

" Alorh..malu plak that was true lah, happened at my taman"

" Ho really? For real beb? So u are the victim ke? Eh Ann.. u writelah in English..senang sket I nak bace..hehe.."

" Not friend.. La.. takkan u tak faham.. pnat blaja bm dari darjah 1.. haha! Jap2, bukan ke u yang dapat BM A1? Pengajian Am pon A1 kan?"

" Thats different..! Ala.. memangla I faham.. tapi u kan tulis bahase melayu pasar..susahla sket..hehe"

" Kelentong la ko Tian! Cakap dengan aku bole je BM pasar..!"

" Ha..? Kelentong? Ape tu? Ala..please la Ann..okay.. just 1 post..hmm..bout me and you.. in English. Can ah?"

" About us? Hahaha.. nak cite ape? Klaka aje.. hahahaha"

" Alah..yela..anything la.. I tah kisah..hehe"

" Haha..ok..tengokla.. nak letak pic u tak?"

" Eh.. no need! I tak cantik..hehe "

" Ngade-ngade.. haha.. Okay Tian.. c u later..kalau free, call me ye? hehe "

" Okay! U blaja rajin2 taw! "

" Okay bye~~! "

So Li Sin Tian... this post is all about you.. Miss u gal!!